New "Nosler Defense" pistol ammo


I just noticed an advertisement in the April issue of Guns magazine for Nosler Defense pistol ammo. It looks like all the typical pistol calibers, and the bullet is supposed to be a high-grade bonded jacketed hollow point with a plastic nose cone (also available without the tip). The nose cone looks identical to the Geco Action type of thing. Also, I predict these will be visually confused with Glaser Safety slugs for years to come. Hopefully they have a new Nosler headstamp! The Nosler link is here:

And this is a screen grab from the link:


Pardon my colloquialism but OUTFRIGGINSTANDING. The AccuBond has been such a solid performer in 6.8SPC and other cartridges; I’m glad to see it put to use in pistol calibers.

The ad copy mentions rifle ammo…PLEASE Lord let them put out an AccuBond in 5.56mm/.223, 55gr-75gr.

I’ll be getting some of this first chance I have.


Looks like a copy of a DAG Action cartridge but with a lead core.




Dutch - I am shocked at you with your normally good English. The proper spelling is “Yup” or possibly even “Yep.” Well, we’ll let it go this time pardner, but be careful! We want these highly technical answers to have good spelling and grammar. :-) :-)


John, I think I must visit your wonderful country again, just to improve my “grammar”.

Only hope my wife believe it when I tell her. -:)



I just got an email from Nosler. These two rounds are not yet available. The following is what they said when I tried to order some:

No need to get hot and bothered.



I have noticed over the past couple months that the JHP version of this new Nosler bonded ammo is available, with the .40S&W coming first, and now the 9mm +P is available. Headstamp on 9mm is: NOS 9mm LUGER +P . The tipped version with the rounded blue nose is supposedly due for Spring 2015 (I hope).


Matt. As usual, excellent photos and info.

Thank You.


Thanks Matt! Midway has it and some other new stuff. More when it all arrives.

I really appreciate your heads ups!

Merry Christmas to all!


Finally… the tipped ammo is on the market:


Nice! Thanks for the update Matt!