New ODD shotshell by Falco Armi

The italian gun factory “Falco” has recently developed a new, very small shotshell for the little hunting species, like birds.

The cartridge is not yet CIP listed, but the italian proof house is working on ballistic and pressure data.

Actually, it is a modern version of the 6 mm Flobert shotshell.

A very long slightly tapered case of about 60 mm loaded with a small pistol primer and a small load of pellets ( about 7 grams). This cartridge and its loading kit was shown at the annual italian hunting show.

Is this cartridge intended to be used with adaptors, or will guns be made in this calibre?

I think that small shotguns will be made in this caliber.

Falco arms already produce similar shotguns in small chamberigns such as 9 mm Flobert or 8 mm CF

Do you have any of the 8mm CF short cartridges? I would be interested in seeing a photo of those.


here is the link to the cartridge description

I don’t know why they list it as " 8 mm Spanish". There’s no “country of origin” in the CIP description.
Anyway, these cartridges are rather common in Italy because they offer more or less the same 9 mm Flobert shotshell performance, but using a reloadable case

There is also a “magnum” version using a small pistol primer

Thanks for the link Pivi.

Pivi, thanks for posting this. The cartridge is designated “6 mm Centrale Falco”, check this video: