New Old Ammo Is Made New Again?

First up, Aguila is making the Remingtom 5mmm Rinfire Magnum cartridge…

And, on the home front, Federal is making the old Aguila 12 Ga. “Minishells”… but, just not quite as “Mini” as the 1.5" Aguila shells were.

Regarding the “shorty” shotshells. Some jurisdictions have banned shotguns with magazine capacities of over “x” number of rounds. Will these be used as an excuse to ban more guns becuase they will hold “x+” rounds of shorty ammo, even though they only hold “x” rounds of regular 2 3/4" cartridges?

Try to ban more? No doubt in my mind.
Or, the make an added tax per round of ammo that some anti-gun zealots are suggesting.

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The 5mm Remington box is at least the 2nd generation packaging by Aguila. Below is production from several years ago.
DSCN4670 DSCN4671

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