New (or latest) postings not showing up


Already some time back I noticed that when I added a new posting to an old thread (as new knowledge became available) the thread did not show up as the latest or anywhere near the top lines.
Also I never got a response to these posting.
I assume now that also noone else was these threads or got the info that there is a new posting.
Somehow I thought that it is just a bug and it is only me not having it listed as a thread with a recently new contribution since I was the poster or so. Though that was still odd.

Today a friend asked me about an older thread which is discussed again and if I had seen the new postings.
After checking on the forum I was unable to find the thread in the very top where all new (or old ones with a new posting) threads are listed.
My friend sent me the link to the thread and only then I was able to review it and see that there were indeed new postings.
Right now it is tjhis one:

This makes me wonder now how many posings I may have missed and how many remained unanswered by others wich probably do have the same problem.

Can this be fixed please???


This thread also did not show up in “news”:


The Chinese one I saw right on top as new…maybe because I had commented on the original? But I saw it there. In fact even today it i still on the first page, like 6 or 7 down showing as new on mine…


Hi, I figured that other people get it notified as new. For what ever reason I do not. It also happened to me in other older threads.
This is really annoying.


New is for new threads, latest is for latest activity.

It would show up in latest.

Also I am always in latest and always see everything and that is the default view for people unless they change it so most will probably see it.


Matt, I am on “latest” setting and even this posting now was not shown to me “highlighted” so I could figre it is something to check…
As to what I understood from other members I am not the only one with bugs in the system.