New package for Ukrainian 5,45x39 cartridges

From the end of 2011 Lugansk Cartridge Plant start to use new coloured cardboard boxes for packaging 5,45x39 cartridges. Befor this manufacturer use military style paper packets for this purpose.

Now all commercial cartridges (9x19, 5,45x39, 7,62x39) made by Lugansk plant are packed in cardboard boxes:

Only 9x18 is still crated in small military type 18-rounds cardboard boxes. Only blue owerprint with factory Logo and cartridge data was added some years ago. The main customer for this caliber is Ukrainian militia, which don’t need to change packaging.

Between paper packets and cartboard boxes also produce paper bags with etiquette. Very rare.
Cartridges 5,45x39-4
30 pieces
Bullet jacket bimetallic
Bullet weight - 4,5g
V25 - 800m\s

Here is some my pictures. Hope it will be interesting for somebody.
Large box of commercial LCW 7.62x39 cartridges.

Interesting mix of Ukranian and Russian languages. Some words are Russian and some are Ukranian.
For example “сертификат”, “упаковщик” and “весовщик”…

Not so long ago, the LCW began to produce new 7,62x39 cartridges with HP bullet.

Is appending the (rounded) bullet weight (in grams) to the calibre designation (as in 7,62x39-8 or 9x18-7) a Ukraininan specialty or done elsewhere also? I believe I have not seen this before.

It is only Lugansk plant special designation. It is something like “company style”

Thanks for making this clear.

Barnaul: 7,62x39-8; 7,62х51-9,4;
Klimovsk: 7,62x39-8; 7,62x39-9,7; 7,62x39-9; 7,62x39-10;
Tula: 7,62x39-10;
Ulyanovsk: 5,45x39-4,5; 7,62x39-8;

P.S. This is the Soviet designation of hunting cartridges. For example, 7,62x39-8 Б03-90-61 (61 - TSNIITOCHMASH, 90 - year).

I mean that later only Lugansk has such cartridge designation

Here is the picture of large box with lugansk 7.62x39 HP cartridges:

Here is the picture of box with lugansk 7.62x39 blank cartridges: