New paid member?

Hello so i recently became a paid member to be able to access more info, history and more.
How can i find a total member directory in order to contact individuals instead of hoping i find their handle in recent discussion’s.
Is there an easier way?
Also when will i get full access to what the forum has to offer, say i wtb/wtt/wts section?

Welcome to the, IAA, Gpk1B!

I am sure other members can be of more help, but the, IAA puts out a hardcopy, Membership Directory, every year that lists members and their collection and knowledge specialties.

As far as the other aspects of the forum goes, like the, Buy Sell Trade section, I am sure that one of the,Officers, will set that up for you soon.

Again, welcome big time! There are so many incredible members here with a knowledge base that will blow your mind.


The directory comes out with the September Journal and ejournal. Updates are in progress now.

As to access to other parts of the forum. You will find a place to request access to buy sell. Request to access the resource area is made to Actually both requests can go there. Nothing is automatic when joining and handled by different people than the membership database

Ok thank you so much . I have been learning for so long and kicking rocks even longer on joining. And of course now i am eager to go with it. I am patient just eager. If anyone along my way of getting into the IAA can point me in the different directions i can take , I do appreciate everything. One of these days i will go to SLICS . Every year i see all the pictures and i am in envy of all the history , knowledge, cartridges and displays to oggle . Thank you for the welcome in !!!

Welcome, new member!

I have taken the liberty to post the new member’s info from the profile page below, less his name, for privacy. He is in the Houston, Texas area.

" I started collecting military surplus firearms and ammo to go with them. My first cartridge related was a 20mm fired projectile that i got around 8th birthday I am now in my 40’s. I came across this site in early 2000’s and i have not left finally got a email and trying to be involved. I really enjoy to see how cartridges are constructed . The work that Kevin Gross and Paul Smith is awesome ! In a sense the most contributing factor was seeing to sectioning work from Kevin Gross on that got me researching and I found the IAA and it really got me more interested in cartridge collecting. So thanks Kevin I owe it to you .
I have started searching for what cartridges that i wanted to focus on but I am interested in so much and I can contribute it to all the history that I learn on the IAA forum."

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