New Phone Number

I apologize to anyone that has tried to call me using the phone number listed in the current IAA Journal under “Address Changes”. The number listed is the one I provided to GaryM, so do not blame him, but it is the wrong number. What happened is when I knew I was going to move, I contacted the cable company in my new town (Cadillac, MI) to set up the connection of my TV-Phone-Internet connection. They gave me my new phone number at that time, which I promptly sent to about 50 people. Unfortunately, I was not at my new address when they came to hook it all up, so they canceled the entire order, including my “New” phone number. When I made a new appointment to get it all connected, they gave me a different phone number.

My actual “New” number is 231-468-2190.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. I have received several emails saying the number listed did not work, so I know some of you have tried to call me.