New Pinfire Boxes on eBay & List of Duplicate Cartridges

I listed some pinfire boxes on eBay if anyone is interested. I would sell them here for a discounted price…rather than paying eBay fees.

Also, for those who are still under the impression that pinfire cartridges are not worth much. Here is a guy on eBay who has been consistently selling various pinfire cartridges with various headstamps for over a month for $10 - $50+ all with many bids. (Link)

And here are my boxes I just listed. I also have others, and many individual cartridges if you are looking for anything in particular.

2mm Pinfire And Rimfire Containers
7mm Pinfire Blank Tin
7mm Pinfire Box
7mm Pinfire Blank Box
9mm Pinfire Shot Load Box
9mm Tin Pinfire Box
12mm Pinfire Box from The American Civil War
12mm Pinfire Blank Box [color=#BF0000]*sold[/color]
9mm Flobert Tin

And here is a list of individual cartridges for sale. Some of these are already gone, but feel free to ask about any.

So Ebay is apparently allowing old obsolete cartridge sales, especially pinfires (I have noticed over this past year) ? They used to be 100% no-ammo sales. I wonder what their policy is, or if they just play it by ear and allow civil-war era stuff that they feel is not usable today?