New pistol "cartridges"

The Safety Bullets shown here were on display for the first time and were for sale at the Jacksonville, FL gun show last weekend. The concept looks like an interesting variation, and others in rifle calibers and shotshells may be coming in the future. Go to for all the details. The owner of Safe Bullets, new-IAA-member Mike Worley, markets them in a kit that includes 2 Safe Bullets, a Delrin rod to extract them to clear the pistol, instructions, and a brochure, all padded in bubble wrap in a nice cardboard box.

If foreign collectors are interested, I could bring some to SLICS '08. They are considered small arms ammunition because they have live primers. Neat.


I am not entirely grasping the advantage of this ammo vs standard non-firing plastic home-practice cartridges, the transparent ones with a spring for primer resistance.


Thanks for the heads-up on this. Just checked out their website. Great concept. Will Mike be “upgrading” to his own headstamp? I’m guessing that would be expensive. What’s a per hull charge for your own headstamp? Anybody?



My take on any advantage is the pop of the primer and the jamming of the gun. Noise would/should scare anyone who inadvertantly fired one of these. The other, plastic practice ammo, manually cycles quietly without any effect on the firearm. Big disadvantage is price. It’ll probably be a while before one of these rounds enters my collection. Will wait for the ones with his own headstamp. And the lottery.


IMO…This will be a device that fades into ammo history .I will pick one up for my collection just for the novelty value.

OK, more info. These are not “practice” rounds at all. They are action locks, and function just once per primer. When they are fired accidently or on purpose, the tapered post is pushed up by primer gas acting on the pusher plate, into but not completely through the Delrin segmented “bullet,” very tightly jamming it in the pistol’s chamber. In a semi-auto, the slide cannot be retracted because the slide’s extractor is hooked on the case rim, and the case/bullet isn’t going anywhere. As the Safe Bullet literature says, “The gun is now a paperweight.” But, when the supplied rod is inserted from the muzzle and pushed against the tip of the expander post, sometimes hard, the post is pushed back into the case, the four segments come back together, and the round can be extracted. For $3, Safe Bullet will reload for you to use again.

They don’t go BANG. They go click, quietly.

For revolvers, the extended post, protruding into the barrel, prevents the cylinder from indexing another round.

High cost? I guess that’s relative, but my impression was that they were cheap at $17 a kit.

BTW, I have no financial interest in these at all. Just reporting a new cartridge from a Florida company and a new IAA member.

Probably so.

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Unfortuntely I will not be able to get a sample living on the other side of the swamp, and stuff like that is not going to get over here… but those who wish to have one, should get it. As Cobb said - it will be history, and in my humble opinion will be history faster as one could imagine.

Just got my “Collector Set” of the SAFETY BULLET. Pretty neat. Here 'tis:


.38, .357, 9MM, .40, .45ACP

Is the $17 for all 5 cartridges, or is that per cartridge?

With shipping, this set averaged $9+ per round. I think the $17 was for a pair of like caliber.

It looks like a great idea, but I suspect it will be the price that will be responsible for it fading into history, coupled with the need to send a cartridge back should it need to be reloaded at $3 plus shipping. I agree that $9 is a cheap price to save a life, but we seldom tend to think that way when we are laying our money on the table. I predict that it won’t be long before someone else is producing a variation at a more reasonable price that can be easily reloaded.

I’ve often felt lucky that I don’t have to make a decision about how I would store a loaded gun in my house with children around (just adults here). I think this is the best solution that I have seen.