New Polymer Cased Handgun Ammo from Spain


Extreme Polymer Research of Spain is a new firearms, and apparently, ammunition manufacturer.


I’m suprised it took this long. Its been waiting in the sidelines for a long time.


Well, I remember there was the U. S. Ammunition Company plastic-cased .38 Special loads from the 1980s.


There have been many plastic cases for pistol ammunition, but none were completely commercially successful, other than for blanks, snap-caps and other types of dummy rounds, and indoor-practice, plastic-bullet loadings. The ones for regular ball ammunition, ranging from prototypes only to production rounds, only stayed on the market a short time before disappearing from the scene, in many cases along with the companies that made them.


That would be the Polytech Spitfire 38Spl 158gr plated SWC.