New post indicators

I have noticed on this forum that it shows which threads have new posts in them, but when you click on the thread there is nothing indicating which posts you have read before and which ones are the new ones. Is this a feature that was left out for some reason by whoever designed this forum, or can it be switched on somehow?

the posts that have not been read should be in orange bold text. i still have not read the very first post in the main chit-chat area and it remains bold orange. let me know if you continue to have problems.


To the right of the “last posters” name (far right colume) is a small star (or some other symbol I can’t make out) that will take you to the last post, but it may (depending on coding) take you to tthe first post since you last looked at that thread (I’m on forums that do it both ways)

Edit, just notices that to the LEFT of the thread title is another star, that appears to take you to the first new post on that thread.

Thanks for that, I was just missing the blue icon on all new posts that the old forum used to have.