New postings are not shown as "new"


I have found that not all new postings are shown as “new” in the ammo forum and that I missed quite some.
I tried all sort of button pushing in the personal settings but to no avail.
Currently I have to read the time marker of postings in order to figure if they could be new.

Is there a setting that can be choosen where I will get to see ALL new postings and not just some?



I believe new is new topics.

If you stay in the latest section, which is the default, it shows the topics in order of what is new or has recent replies.

Also, just like on the old forum, the topics with replies you haven’t read yet are in bold type whereas the ones that you have already read are in a more muted color.



Aaron, I am on the “latest” selector and for example now the new is marked only at pos 3 while 2 above are not marked in any way and are newer and I did not view them by now.
The screenshot:



I think “new” in this context means --creating-- a new thread (subject header) that did not exist before. Your example was created 2 hours ago and had no additional postings (replies) at the time of your screenshot.

The two listed above it are existing threads to which postings were added. This counts as a --change-- to an existing thread not as “new”. Because these changes were done --later-- (33 and 21 minutes ago) they are listed above the “new” thread.

I hope I understood correctly what is disturbing you.



Simple minded as I am I am not really getting it. I just expected any change to be highlighted in a color or with a symbol. Like I know it from all other forums - and all that in one order on top of all other threads which I had checked already.
I am not in the position to run logical and theoretical evaluations on the last 20 or so threads before I will finally decide to click a button.
Before it took me exactly 1 second to check for new postings if there were no new ones added. Now I have to spend a noticable amount of time to check all manually by looking at figures, time stamps and fat or thin lined letters and still misss things.
Expecting the proven and obvious is too much?

One is thinking why I am screwing around?
Because (except for age and being overcritical):

  • I noticed many people having the same problem but most will remain silent and never say a word
  • As it takes more time to check for news, people will cut back their time normally available for reading and contributing
  • People (including me) will miss new postings and as a consequence not answer questions which could be solved this way
    I assume all these points will not have a positive influence here.
    It is like before having been in an old car but on a highway and now in a new car we have to use country roads, one way streets and do u-turns to get to the spot.

If there is no fix to it then so be it.



@EOD ,

In this scenario it is EXACTLY like the old forum.

Posts with replies you have not read are in dark, bold black. If you scroll down on your list of topics you will notice that posts you have already read as in a lighter, muted color. This is exactly how the old forum did it.

Notice the color difference in your screenshot between “Detectorist working US artillery…” and the topic below it.

The one you have not read is bold and a darker black. The one you have read is a light, muted grey; just like how the old forum did it.

In addition to working exactly like the old forum for this scenario it ALSO gives you the blue “new” notification to tell you about brand new topics that you have yet to view.