New PRC H/S (Pics Up!)

Recently got this 7.62x54R keyring dummy. Bullet and case are copper-washed steel. Ring holder inserted in primer pocket. I don’t recall ever seeing the headstamp code (945) before.

Cool! Thanks for posting that. I really need to start looking for Chinese ammo keyrings.

For this one you’ll have to go to Bejing!

It is a shame that no one seems to know how to contact the folks that make these key rings. They probably are not very expensive in China despite the very high price some have sold for here, and I know that they have been made in 9mm Parabellum, 5.8 x 18mm Chinese Pistol, 7.62 x 39 and 7.62 x 54R, as well as the new 5.8 (?) Chinese MG Cartridge. They probably will make them in any caliber made in China. Someone could probably invest a relatively small amount of money in a few hundred of them and double or triple his investment still selling them at reasonable prices here. I could be wrong, but I would bet I am not.

All I have heard of, including the 9m/m Para, are headstamps we have not seen before - either codes or dates. How many of us have any military-headstamped PRC 9mm for example, from any era, much less c.2005? I would bet that some would buy them even in calibers they don’t usually collect, just for the novelty of it. I would. I would buy, if prices were reasonable (not the hundred bucks plus I have seen on some, which I personally think is insane), every caliber just to have a little collection of them. And I wouldn’t take off the keychains. Have not seen the sense of that. I guess I am one of the few that has not removed the keychain from my 5.8 pistol cartridge and thereby destroyed its “originality.” They are keychain dummies and that’s what they will always be, no matter what is done to them. They are anice variation as is!

If anyone knows of a Chinese Source for these, and doesn’t want to use it himself, I would be happy to hear from them. If they can be imported as a novelty into the U.S. legally, I might be interested in bringing in a one-time batch of them.

Just a thought for someone. Some were imported into Europe, but the prices were high as only a tiny quantitity was brought in for reasons I don’t know.

Jon, the “945” is known from 5.8x42 already. On 7.62x54R it is the first I see though.

Another new Chinese code would be “74” on 5.8x21.

Or Moscow…

Or Moscow…[/quote]

I can name you the name of the hotel bar …

Or Moscow…[/quote]

I can name you the name of the hotel bar …[/quote]

There are more places than just one. :)

To import some of these “commercially” would be a problem, since the 5.8x21 is a pistol cartridge, and it has a solid steel core it can’t be brought into the U.S. without a Class 10 or 11 FFL license. Even though it’s totally inert, it is the projectile that the law refers to and restricts. But realistically there’s probably only a market for 100 or maybe 200 of these things total to collector types, and so buying smaller non-commercial quantities in Russia or China and then just putting them in a FedEx box to your home address is the best way to go. I’m still shocked that there hasn’t been a single person (as far as I know) who hasn’t been able to convince a single PLA soldier, diplomat, police agent, or museum currator to slip him some 5.8x42 cartridges in exchange for cash, and then just send the cartridges home in a box via a FedEx kiosk at the touristy locations where people ship large souvenirs home from. Speaking Chinese and having connections would be the trick in this scenario. What we really need is a diplomat with connections to get some, those diplomat types are always exchanging rare contraband with each other via diplomatic pouch, it’s a racket! They could get some underwater 5.8’s while they’re at it too…