New PRIME brand Ammunition

Based out of Las Vegas NV, USA.

They have a selection of popular centerfire rifle calibers, several 22LR and 12GA loads and several loads in 9x19mm, 40S&W and 45ACP. The best part is the centerfire cases are headstamped with PRIME.

Wow, that is quite a sudden lineup with quality packaging, and even headstamps for a sudden newcomer. I was surprised to see the 124gr Geco Hexagon bullet loaded in 9mm, and it has me wondering if this whole brand is a private-label production by RUAG for Prime, or just a proxy domestic brand for Geco?

Their ammunition is made by Ruag for them. They partenered up with Ruag:

“Our solution was a partnership with RUAG Ammotec, a Swiss company with Swiss/German roots that is the undisputed European market leader in military, hunting and sports ammunition. RUAG is one of the world’s largest (and oldest) manufacturers of precision munitions, and a supplier of components to some of the largest ammunition brands in the U.S. It’s very likely, in fact, that you have already used ammunition containing components made by RUAG. PRIME Ammunition is designed to our American specifications, then engineered and manufactured in European facilities to the highest degree of technical performance.”

And it looks much like it is made in Hungary.

Matt, what does the box say “Made in EU”?

The Boxes of the rifle cartridges say “Made in Switzerland”.

Cartridgecorner, I am asking because RUAG is making lots of ammo in any of it’s companies (they bought over the years).
Here marketing is the key as they pretend “Made in Switzerland” to have all Swiss quality (and claiming respective prices) but are making lots of ammo in Germany (DAG) and Hungary (MFS).
I have seen 9x19 boxes with “Made in Switzerland” on the box and with DAG lot numbers on it.
The box above has the Hungarian proof house marks for the CIP certification on it and this is what we usually know from RUAG ammo made at the Hungarian MFS plant.
Hence my question.

Yes that is so true, with their vast holdings I am sure many components are made in countries with a cheaper cost and marketed as made in Switzerland. Someone with the ammo will have to confirm that for you.

So far I have observed the following “system” RUAG is using:

Marketed as Made in Switzerland - manufactured in Germany.
Marketed as “GECO” - manufactured in Hungary.
And then there is a RUAG economy style line (steel cases) which then is featuring the Hungarian “MFS” logo together with the Russian BPZ-Logo - manufactured in Russia.

So here we can clearly see the various steps of “lifting” everything one step higher than it really is and hardly being reflected in the prices!

Alex, I once bought a 1000 round carton that obviously came from Thun (Thun address, Swiss UN carton manufacturer code, Thun lot label “020-07 T”) that contained 50 round packs bearing the usual formatted marking “41 UB” on the flap. So I think this type of 00 XX marking does not necessarily mean the cartridges were manufactured in Stadeln.

On the other hand, I am convinced, Hungarian (Made in EU) manufacture continues to use this system, except an additional 3 figure number of unknown meaning is added.
For example: rubber stamped " 55 0J 058" I think is like the old 55 OJ. (found on 9 mm Luger SX)
or stamped: “60 L G089” I think is equivalent to the old 60 LG.

Edit: My impression from the boxes I saw is, they originally moved the non-police/military 9 mm production from Stadeln to Thun (see above carton from 2007). From there they moved it to Hungary, where -in my experience- the 9 mm commercial quality hit rock bottom. Only the introduction of Hexagon saved their reputation as a quality manufacturer.

Jochem, I did not refer to “inner flap markings” as I am not much into them.
I mean this one:

As a newly rabid .300BLK headstamp collector, I am somewhat annoyed that they came into the market with no offering in .300BLK, but were keen to provide .260 Rem, and 6.5 Creedmore (of all things)…

I took delivery earlier today of a 50 rd. box of “PRIME” .223 Rem, 55gr. fmj, with box marked “MATCH”.
cartridges are on 5 grey plastic strippers of 10 rd’s each.

h/s is: PRIME 223 Rem. with brass case, nickel primer, black pa seal and three stab crimp. lot # T-15-029

Statement on box reads:
Prime and it’s logo are registered trademarks with U.S. Patent Office
Produced at RUAG AMMOTEC / Made in Switzerland / CH=PART NO: 2006.5373

Here are some headstamps of a few calibers I received recently from Prime: