New R-P 9mm HS

For the last two weeks, I’ve been seeing a radically different Remington 9mm headstamp.

Unfortunately, I haven’t equated them with a specific box to determine if it’s the newest R-P headstamp. Like SPEER/CCI/I/BLAZER headstamps, the loops of the 9, R, and P don’t close. And there is an extraneous dot at about 1:30. The weight of the few I have fall within the normal range for R-P 9mm cases and well outside that of Speer, Aguila, and Federal cases. Although extraneous dots, dashes, and stars usually denote the case was made by one company for another, in this case for R-P, the dot at 1:30 remains a mystery.

Could the dot possibly indicate a specific loading machine, sort of like SCAMP?