New Red Army Standard 9x18 and 7.62x39

I just noticed that Century Arms added two new variations to the Red Army ammunition line:

  • Red Army Standard Elite (Brass) 9x18 made in Poland. Headstamp is RED ARMY M 9x18 MAK (M = Mesko).

  • Red Army Standard (Steel) 7.62x39 FMJ & HP made in Russia (TCW).

If someone find some I’ll be glad to see pictures.



Fede, here the 9x18: … a.jpg.html

Fede - the actual headstamp of the 9 x 18 mm round is “RED ARMY 9x18 MAK M” which is the same content as you showed, but the correct format. The “M” actually follows, in orientation of the headstamp, the caliber marking and not the brand name.

I am sending you a photo of the headstamp for your files. If you wish to post it on this thread, it is o.k. by me.

The cartridges, by the way, are with GM lead core FMJ RN 93 grain bullet, brass case, Boxer primer with brass cup and red primer seal.

I have not seen the 7.62 x 39 and know nothing about it.

Alex and John, thank you very much for the pictures and information.

John, did you get you box late in 2015 or in 2016?




I received it in the first week of this year, but it was shipped out before the first of the year. It went to another person first - it is a long story but has to do with my ineptitude in using computers. A good friend placed the order for me, and felt it would confuse the matter to have it drop-shipped directly to me, which was probably an excellent assumption. He passed it on to me. This ammunition was definitely in the country by December 2015, and possibly a little earlier. I was advised of the ad by a friend who knows my affinity for all things Makarov, so I was not “the fastest buyer alive” to begin with. I don’t know when the jobber received the ammo and started advertising it.