New (relatively) Chinese Military 9x19mm

About 2005 China introduced the Model JS silenced submachine gun in 9x19mm. The JS 9mm was described as weighing 2.2 kg empty and 2.4kg loaded with a 30 round magazine. It is 450mm long without the suppressor. The ammunition was described as the 9 x 19 mm DAP92A round which is 29.95mm long and weighs 12.6g, with its 8g projectile being 19mm long. With a muzzle velocity of 360m/sec it also can penetrate 50mm of timber at 50m. With the suppressor fitted, the muzzle velocity of the round drops to 150m/sec.

In 2006 There was a report of a new Chinese 9 x 19mm low impact and wounding round which uses an 11.6g projectile with a muzzle velocity of 378 m/sec. The cartridge is 29.9mm long overall and weighs 11.6g
with the projectile weighing 7g.

Has anyone heard anything further on either of these cartridges?