New Remington Ammo Advert

Interesting… New & New Additions,(there is a difference?), and “Reinstated”, which would not necessarily be the stuff people have been complaining that they discontinued.

The .22 Magnum is a 33 grain bullet, but, everyone I know that shoots the .22 Mag, (and there are many of us), want them to load 40~50 grain JHP and Solids. I am particularly happy that Federal finally brought back their 50 grain JHP .22 Mag!

REINSTATED Premier Scirocco\ 280x384 NEW Hog Hammer Handgun\ 280x384

NEW HTP Copper Handgun\ 280x295 NEW ADDITIONS Premier Match\ 280x295

REINSTATED Premier Magnum Rimfire\ 280x293 REINSTATED Hypersonic Bonded\ 280x293

NEW Subsonic Ammunition\ 280x301 NEW Golden Saber Bonded\ 280x301

NEW Peters Ammunition\ 560x297

NEW ADDITIONS High Performance Rifle\ 280x276 NEW ADDITIONS Side Core-Lokt Ammunition\ 280x276

REINSTATED Hog Hammer Rifle\ 280x285 NEW ADDITIONS HTP Handgun\ 280x285

NEW ADDITIONS UMC Ammunition\ 560x255

NEW ADDITIONS Performance Wheelgun\ 280x291 NEW ADDITIONS Premier Magnum Turkey\ 280x291

NEW ADDITIONS Extra-hard Lead Shot Nitro Turkey\ 280x338 NEW ADDITIONS Premier Magnum Turkey High Velocity\ 280x338

Looks like they are cannibalizing the Barnes Vor-TX line in favor of the HTP copper brand, and the reignited Hog Hammer line. Glad to see a new pistol line of Hog Hammer - new page for the SCHP book!