New Remington labels / boxes for pistol ammo

It looks like Remington has updated their “Ultimate Home Defense” line to be called “Ultimate Defense”, or maybe they are keeping both lines to some degree, but either way it is just a re-branding of their long-existing “Golden Saber”. There may be minor differences in the projectile construction in similar ways to how Speer has tweaked the Gold Dot over the years, but they seem identical.

Remington also has a combo-pack in this new line for Taururs Judge / S&W Governor users with .45 Colt and .410 multi-buck in a blister pack:

What I really wish is that they would get on with producing & releasing their newly shown (SHOT show 2013) “Black Belt” ammo, which is a fairly radical new design:

that combo pack looks really cool!

Remington is wise to make the packaging both capable of being sat on a flat shelf or hung on a wall peg, giving the retailer flexibility in display.