New Remington M1911 45ACP

Remington has a new Commerative style 45ACP box. Headstamp is the common R • P 45 AUTO. I couldn’t ride the product on Remington’s website but I did find it for sale on an auction site. … ative-ammo

I found a box of it at my local Sportemans Warehouse.

Is Sportsman’s WH still around? The two local SWH stores shut down about 3-4 years ago, and I thought the whole organization had folded. I was sorry to see them go - they had a good selection of good stuff in the ammunition and reloading lines at reasonable prices, unlike other similar outdoor outfits having names beginning with B and C which I refuse to patronize.

The one I went to is in Roseville, N.Calif. I’m pretty sure that the one in Reno, NV is still open.