New Roumanian 8x57 Headstamp

Does anyone have a picture of the headstamp of new Roumanian 8x57 cartridges made by Sadu? Case length? Thanks, Fede.

Quote : The Head stamp says nothing except the manufacture’s name SADU and the # 13.


Glenn, thanks a lot!
The caliber is not indicated?

Glenn, thanks again. Case lenght is reported to be between 56.54 mm and 56.62 mm, which means that this is standard and not as short as the well known rounds made in the 1970’s.

Is it known whether the bullets have a lead core or an iron core? In other words: is the bullet length known?

Regarding the 7.92 LPS from the seventies, not only the case dimensions but also the pressure was within the CIP limits of the 8 x 56 Mannlicher Schönauer catridge. This also is within the CIP limits for 8x57 IS, so it could be sold as 8x57 IS. The real purpose of this cartridge with its 10 g iron core bullet remains a mystery to me. In Germany it was sold as a 8x57 IS sniper cartridge, but this seems to contradict the bullet weight of only 10g and the low pressure.

Sniper? That must have been the typical greedy businessman marketing to sell it better.

The “old” Romanian boxes did not indicate anything related to sniper use - just the “LPS”.
The “LPS” which the Russians tried to use in their 7.62x54R sniper cartridges was discarded soon for such purposes. They found that cores located in the cylindrical part of the projectile (engaged by the rifling) make no good sniper projectiles (compared to lead core) and ended up developing the 7N1 projectile where the core was located only in the ogive of the projectile keeping the rear “lead only”.

New, 2013 production 8mm ammo!
Lacquered steel case, berdan prime, non-corrosive, and lead core.
SADU manufacture in Romania.
20rd box.

The new SG Romanian 8X57 JS on the left-Yugo 1950’s surplus on the right .

This is all the information that I can find on the internet.