New Russian 9x19

Maybe it will be interesting for somebody :-)

Interesting brass case manufactured in Russia but for whom I don’t know.

Underwater cartridges for GSh-18. Sorry but no more details are available.

P.S. Merry Christmas!

The “12” should be brass washed steel.

Yes, correct. Also known specimens with HS “11 9mm LUGER”.

The 11 I have not seen. Thanks for telling!

I don’t think either have been seen in the U.S. It is becoming impossible to keep up with all the new headstamps, especially in this caliber.

Yuri, Many thanks for the photos. I think I saw one of these headstamps among some fired cases on a Russian Auction site. It was not a good photo. Never seen the others. Great stuff!!!

Wish Santa had brought me the things in your photos! Still there is always next year.

Happy Holiday!

I wonder if the underwater cartridges would be able to function the slide on the Gsh-18 while underwater? If not, then I would prefer cartridges of a similar design in a revolver, so as to have 6 shots.

Do the loops of the 9 and R close, I can’t tell, or are they slightly open like the SPEER/CCI/I/BLAZER headstamps?

The loops are definitely closed

These were made by Novosibirsk Low Voltage Equipment works. The 11 and 12 are not factory codes but the years of manufacture. Though I do not have the box’s on hand I have seen pics of the ammo and the boxes from others on both 9mmx19 and 9mm Mak cartridges.

If anyone can supply them, I need pictures of the cartridge profile and headstamp of the 9 x 18 mm Makarov cartridges reported as having this dated style of headstamp from 2011/2012, along with VERIFIED production dates. I also need permission to use any pictures supplied, if possible, but would like them with or without such authorization. To even describe them in the text of what I am writing, I need more than just anecdotal reportáge of their existence, although that was very useful in giving a heads up on them. Pictures of the Makarov box/boxes would be useful also.

“11” & "12"
11 - tombak plated steel, 12- steel.

So the 12 is before plating then. Good to see the “11”.

I almost forgot, is the “11” copper clad or copper washed?