New Russian 9x19mm Cyrillic Box

A new Tulammo box has shown up here in the US at some Gun Shows, but it appears to be ammo intended for the Russian market. The box is dated Dec 2013 as I make it out, and the label is entirely Cyrillic. The cartridges are different from other Tulammo 9x19mm I have encountered, having a plain steel or perhaps a zinc coated steel bullet jacket, and a much lighter finish on the steel case.

Has this type ammunition shown up in other calibers.

A translation of the label would be appreciated.


Lew, these are made for the Russian shooting club/range (business) “OBEKT” to their special order. Ammo is being sold on their range and is for the domestic Russian market.

From my database:
Shooting Club “Obekt”, Dzerzhinskiy

Founded in 2009-2010.

Стрелковый Комплекс "Объект"Московская область, 140091, г. Дзержинский, Улица Энергетиков, 50


The box holds the regular civilian markings and safety rules.
Main is:
OBEKT Shooting Club
7.5 gram FMJ
Made by Tula Cartridge Works

For the record: Primer type “Berdan” (This is not to imply I know any Russian, just my interpretation of the Cyrillic letters.)

You are correct of course, I should have mentioned that before.

And the Club is in the “Moskovskaya Oblast”
( Moscow Administrative Region, or “province”, as distinct from Moscow City proper.

These words are followed by a Street address and Number.

Very nice Box…Capitalism at work.

Doc AV