New Russian "shotgun" cartridge

Following the steps of .366TKM, Russian company “Techcrim” designed a new round which is officially certified as a “smoothbore / shotgun” per Russian regulations. Called 9.6x53 Lancaster (early provisional name was .411TKM) , it is based on the 7.62x54R case blown out to 9.6mm and loaded with various slugs, optimized for Lancaster-bored barrels, which are considered “smooth-bore” in Russia.
Intended as a hunting load for those who don’t want to wait for 5 years to obtain rifle license, it can be used in a variety of bolt-action and semi-automatic guns originally chambered for 7.62x54R, including DP and Maxim semi-auto-converted machine guns ;)
Exact specs are TBD, but it is said to have about 4K Joules of muzzle energy, well enough for most medium and large game available in Russia, and effective range of 100+ meters.

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Help me out, Max, because I am confused with Russian requirements. What happens if I fire this round through a Mosin-Nagant? What would I see/feel different from a regular 7.62x54R round? And what is “Lancaster-bored barrels”?

Vlad, you cannot chamber a 9.6mm bullet in a 7.62mm bore, unless you are a freaking Treminator ;)
Lancaster bore is also known as a Lancaster oval bore, that has no obviously visible rifling. Rather, an oval-shaped bore cross-section that spirals as it proceeds down the barrel.

Got it, my mistake, so those Maxims and Degterevs need new barrels installed. What is the advantage of Lancaster barrel vs regular rifled barrel, besides circumventing Russian arms licencing? Are there guns with Lancaster barrels in US?

A little ways down the page is Lancaster rifling , could barely be called rifling at all! More of a twist-warped smoothbore

it a “redesign” to the older 9.3x53R ?

the case exist with other finish ? brass , zinc or copper washed ?

I guess we are speaking of a polygonal barrel here.
Strange the authorities do consider it a smooth bore.

EOD, polygonal rifling is considered a rifling; Lancaster oval bore is considered a smoothbore.
Don’t ask me why, though ;)

That is funny indeed!

From previous posts, I seem to remember that Russian law also classes paradox barrels with the last few inches rifled as shotguns.

Is this correct?

As an aside, cartridges that only exist because of gun laws would be an interesting collecting category.

yes, if paradox rifling is less than 15cm in length and the rest of the bore is smooth, then it is considered a smoothbore/shotgun barrel.

Just to add some color here a new “buckshot” load by Tekhkrim.

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That’s neat

Additional images of the 9.6x53mmR shot load from RUSSIAN HUNTING PORTAL (РУССКИЙ ОХОТНИЧИЙ ПОРТАЛ):


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That’s really neat. I’d like a couple of these, especially a section… Calling @wolfganggross

Aha … a peapod loading, suitable for vegans.



Here is a box image of the Techcrim load in the new buckshot capsule they are doing. I understand what it is all about, but the whole Lancaster-rifling effort with these odd projectiles / payloads and guns seems painfully roundabout in terms of wouldn’t it just be easier to either have a proper shotgun, or have a proper rifle? I would hate to get invested in something odd like this, only to have the Russian government step in and add Lancaster rifling to their list of prohibited-bore type weapons or whatever. Great collector ammo stuff though.