New S&B 410 duplex revolver loads

Sellier & Bellot has just recently (finally) come out with their own load meant specifically for self-defense use in a revolver such as the Judge or Governor. I presume it has only been out for a few months, if that, and it does not seem widespread at all anywhere online. This is a relatively late entrant into the whole 410 revolver ammo market and S&B may have up until now been relying on sales of their preexisting 00-buck 410 loads (not revolver-specific) before seeking to get fancy with this duplex offering.

There is a 2.50" and 3.00" version, with the 2.50" having one 000-buck and 15 BB pellets, and the 3.00" having two 000-buck and 15 BB pellets. The index number for the 2.50" load is V236702U while the 3.00" is V236902U

Thanks Matt, this seems like a growing field.

Are there many of these Judge-type .410 revolvers around?

In the U.S. there are a lot of the Judge revolvers floating around. Taurus made many variations of the gun and ever since the higher-priced Governor from S&W came out a couple years ago, the Judge has become a relatively low-priced gun for this caliber / type. There are also the Derringer guns that can chamber 410, and a couple other rare revolvers firing .45 / .410 with long cylinders. There are at least 10 .410 loads designed in the past 8 years with these revolvers in mind.

Interesting to note, there has been one custom caliber made just for these revolvers, the Lehigh Defense “Maximum Expansion” .45 Colt. It has a .45 Colt case, but the projectile is extremely long extending the cartridge O.A.L. to around 2.25" causing it to fit only guns chambered to handle longer .410 loads.

I received one box each of the 2.50" and 3.00" version of these shells today and took a couple of them apart to examine the shot. The 3.00" shell actually had 16 BB pellets instead of 15, and one of them was sort of crushed. The 2.50" shell had the correct number of BB pellets at 15. I weighed the 00-buck shot and found a slight variation across the 3 balls from 78.6 to 79.8 grains. The headstamp on both of them is: * 410

Matt–Could you post a picture or send me the picture by email of the Lehigh Defense “Maximum Expansion” .45 Colt?