New security flaw may affect this forum

I barely understand software mumbo-jumbo language, but what I understand is that incessantly clicking “like me” and logging to everything from Facebook will get one into big trouble. … p=features
For example, say you regularly visit a given forum (the client company), to which you log in using your credentials from Facebook (the authentication company). Facebook uses OAuth 2.0 to authenticate logins, so an attacker could put a corrupted Facebook login popup box on this forum.
Users should be extra-wary of login popups on Web pages.

we do not use facebook or twitter or google to login to this forum, we only create new accounts specifically on the forum. This has nothing to do with this forum.

I understand computers even less than Vlad. I thought that things like Face Time and Face Book are used mostly by young folks on their iPads and Iphones which are relatively immune from viruses and bad stuff like that.???

I don’t have and probably won’t ever have a Facebook account, but my wife does for keeping up with family.
I tend to believe my daughter in law, who is a detective sergeant, that Facebook is evil. She will not allow to have her daughters photos to be posted. Possibly because she is involved with the child protection division and sees some terrible things.

Although I’m 72 I am reasonably computer literate, recently learnt to program with Visual Studio and Sql, and run a network. I understand the dangers involved in identity theft and for that reason alone am rather cautious. Nothing is immune to viruses and bad hackers so it’s best to be ultra cautious. Apple products are less affected purely because they don’t have quite the exposure of Microsoft.
I delete emails particularly with attachments unless I know the sender, and will not click on unknown links. Prevention is far better than cure.

John - we are kindred souls. I personally think any one or any organization that belongs to facebook is crazy. Totally an invitation of identity theft, computer tampering, and worse. My son has facebook, and recently put some very personal and private information about his parents, my wife and I, on it to get the “news” to the family. When I found out from my niece that she saw it on facebook, I did something I seldom do and phoned him and gave him hell about it.

I won’t even open any other Forum, often referred on this Forum for inspection of some interesting entry or article, if it requires me to sign in or be a member. I am not always comfortable even using this Forum, but the IAA and my collector friends mean to much to me for me NOT to use it. It is the only computer Forum I belong to now, or ever will.

Amen to that John, there are hundreds of millions of dollars stolen through identify theft in this small country each year which are evidence of that.

I love the usefulness of the internet, but it must be used wisely. Unfortunately the bad guys prey on the lack of experience or gullibility of the innocent. I guess that has bee always the case.

Somebody correct me, but I understand that there are two dangers inherent in using computers connected to the Internet. The first is theft of personal information from which there is no protection except vigilance. The second is viruses which can be stopped with good anti-virus programs.

My understanding, in talking to my grand-kids, is that viruses and stuff like that are almost non-existant on Apple based hardware such as iPads and iPhones. I have a WiFi IPad that my kids gave to me so we can communicate without having to use cell phones, and they have told me that an anti-virus program is not needed and is a waste of money. Are they right??


No, I am afraid they are not right.

Apple computers are less interesting to virus programmers, because compared to Windows the number of systems in use (in other words: potential highjacked systems) is much less.
IPads and iPhones are in much broader use, numbers going through the roof. I am sorry to say that it is a dangerous attitude to expect that these gadgets are not attacked by malware programmers.

P.S. This forum cannot be reached via HTTPS. All passwords we are using for login are transmitted in clear over the Internet.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been using an Apple computer for close to 20 years, & for awhile in the early years I had a anti-virus program. Since (about 96-98 or so) nothing & no problems with virus’s. (knock on wood)

Can’t speak to other devices but my wife has an i-Pad without any virus protection & uses it everywhere w/ Wifi & so far no problems

Perhaps I’m just not looking at the right porn sites, or opening the right attachments?

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