New seeking resources

I’m somewhat new to this area of study, research and collection. I’m looking for some resources (CDs, books, sites, ect…) in order to ID bullets, casings (markings, headstamps, color codes, measurements and or weights) by mainly visual means. Any guidance is appreciated.


There’s a list of good books on the subject at , and you can find the occasional reference book on the various auction sites. Some of them can be hard to track down, but it’s a good place to start. Depending on your specific area of interest (wildcats, military, sporting, etc.) some of these will be worth more to you than others, but I’ve found them ALL interesting.

Thayes–At the top of the Forum listing click on “IAA Home”. There is a wealth of information there for newcomers and oldcomers alike. Don’t hesitate to ask ANY question here on the Forum. There is no such thing as a “dumb” question. Even the most basic question will receive a honest an helpful answer. We have all been there in the begining with little knowledge.

If you have not already joined the IAA, you should seriously consider doing so ASAP. It will be the best money you will ever spend on improving your knowledge of cartridges.

Thank you both. And yes, I have just mailed my app and dues to IAA. It came highly recommended from a forensics friend of mine. I look forward to interacting with you all and appreciate the offer to answer any questions - there will be many!

Thanks again


Welcome aboard, Terry! And welcome to the IAA as well!

I would reiterate Ron’s comment about “no dumb questions.” I’ve yet to meet anyone in this field who did NOT have questions and sharing information is the whole point of this forum.


CSAEOD offers some of the best reference books and CD’s also. I have some of his ordnance CD’s and they are great, but primarily larger bore stuff! He also has some really fantastic reference books that shows all kinds of headstamps and reference pics of a wide assortment of small caliber ammo.

PS: I am also a “Newbie” and have learned so much here from so many hard-core and extreme experts. The knowledge that lurks here is off the charts!

CSAEOD even offers a FREE copy of “The Cartridge Collectors Notebook” by Yust. Gobs of good information in it and you can’t beat his VERY generiois offer for new collectors.

Thank you all. Great stuff. And I appreciate the openess.

At the moment my primary interest and area of focus is military related. Primarily in the middle east.

Thanks again! Glad to be welcomed to such an informed and open org!


Well if you are looking for a detailed list with photos and specs, CSAEOD has some grate CD’s of ordnance used in IRAQ and one on ordnance used in AFGHANISTAN. You should contact him to find out all the different reference material he has available as he knows ALLOT and has ALLOT :-)

Here they are for free:

Some ammo books for sale…
This are some books we have for sale at the St-Louis show next year!!
You can order here.

Gyrojet, can you MAIL these books if we order them? I’d be interested in one or two of the ones in your pictures; have you got a web site?

Please look at your email…