New Sellier&Bello brand in Ukraine

Some times ago Ukrainian company Voentorg DiSi Production Concern ( … =&x=53&y=6) start to sell S&B ammo in Ukraine. At first it simply sell standard S&B products, including shotshellsa and cartridges for sporting/hunting rifled weapons.

Then at our market crop up S&B shotshells with SIGAL TM, packed in Di.Si. boxes:

Shotshells - typical S&B (left) and Di.Si. - S&B joint brand:

After this in Di.Si. shops appeared sporting cartridges for rifles with Sigal TM:

And the last news was appearance of 9x19 cartridges for service weapons:

The 9 mm use a brass plated steel case or just brass?

Just brass, with lead core, the same bullet as for Fort cartridges

Here are some data of this cartridge:

Length of cartridge - 29,52 mm
Length of bullet - 15,42 mm
Diameter of the bullet - 9,0 mm
Weight of the bullet - 8,023 grams

Weight of powder charge - 0,315 grams

Is there any information on them also producing 7.62x25?

Just no, but I think they don’t producing 7,62 TT with Sigal TM. This cartridge is out of service. I think they supply only 9x19 Luger and, possibly 9x18 PM as Sigal cartridges.

I was hoping that perhaps they would be producing the whole S&B product line.

S&B cartridges 7,62x25 TT now became common in Ukraine. I saw a lot of fired cases at our shooting range. But I am not sure, that DiSi company supply this caliber as SIGAL ammunition.

I even don’t sure that DiSi has loading equipment. My supposition that they only packed S&B cartridges here in Ukraine. As you can see the SIGAL 9x19 loaded with “Europian” style powder, which is don’t produce in Ukraine. Now we have only one powder plant in Shostka, which produced pistole powder, looks like “Soviet” P-125 powder with short tubular grains of light green colour.

Treshkin, Thanks for the great info. I recently obtained this cartridge and wondered about the SIGAL headstamp. My round came off the production line at S&B in the Czech Republic. I suspect that this ammo is being produced in the the Czech republic for SIGAL.

I had no idea who “Sigal” was. Thanks for the info and the box label.


Some additional information.

The lots numbers on the Sigal 9x19 boxes:


And the picture of 12Ga shotshells

Some days ago I got some S&B corrugated board transport boxes and cardboard 50-round boxes S&B and Sigal from our local shooting range.

Two transport boxes was typical S&B and lot (or box) numbers on these boxes are matched with the numbers on the standard S&B boxes which came together

But two boxes had small white label SIGAL on their corners.

The lot number on one box was the same as on some empty SIGAL cartridge boxes. Therefore, I can make a assumption that S&B pack SIGAL cartridges in boxes delivered from Ukraine.

The lot number on the next SIGAL corrugated board box matched only with standard red-green S&B boxes. May be some deliveries with SIGAL boxes from Ukraine was delayed and S&B used their standard boxes.

Hope this information will be interesting for 9x19 collectors