New "SIBFIRE" logo and boxes of LVE (Novosibirsk, plant #188)

Just as it was a side note in another thread.
LVE of Novosibirsk who is “Novosibirsk Cartridge Factory” has a new logo as of this year.
Accordingly all their boxes got a new design and logo.

Interestingly there is no handgun boxes as per today. Maybe not printed yet.

All headstamps will remain “LVE”.

Here the status as per last week:

Here the new logo in high res:


13.10.2018, Arms & Hunting 2018

This shows that one can not even trust company employees.
Sorry for this error!

Perhaps the sale of such cartridges began this year.

Melekhov and Filyurin advertising agency webpage concerning the SIBFIRE brand name-

Google translation

Integrated brand development: naming, logo, corporate identity, packaging design.

For Novosibirsk Cartridge Plant, one of the leading machine-building enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex, we have developed a recognizable and easy-to-remember verbal trademark, brand platform, and visual communications system, including the principles of product packaging design.

The work started with the development of a new name. The verbal trademark has been developed to all Evidence-Based Marketing® standards and tailored to customer needs. Here are just a few of the points highlighted in the brief:

Geographical reference (Novosibirsk or Siberia)

Single spelling


In the course of a quantitative study conducted using our unique technology, the name SIBFIRE won, successfully combining both geographic location and an indication of the product category - cartridges.

The platform of the SibFire brand (the new name of the Novosibirsk Cartridge Plant) is based on a pattern of converging oblique lines of gray-steel and black colors. The logo used is the font spelling SibFire, designed in the form of a cartridge. The main color of the logo was taken by us from the spectrum of the burning flame.

The general system of visual communications is built in such a way as to convey the basic qualities broadcast by the company: quality, reliability and loyalty to production traditions.

The visual communication system of the SibFire brand ( Novosibirsk Cartridge Plant JSC) was extended to packaging and product catalogs: sporting and hunting cartridges of various calibers for rifled weapons, traumatic cartridges for use in active self-defense. The packaging is differentiated according to three main types of products: a cartridge with a bimetallic sleeve (using a stripe of aquamarine color), a cartridge with a brass sleeve (using a stripe of orange color) and a premium line of cartridges (using colored foiling of the ends of the box)."

Photo of a SibFire 9x19mm box from the above listed webpage:

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