New SMLE charger clip

Hey all you Charger Clip collectors,

Thought I would share my new SMLE charger clip find.

I have several lists from different sources detailing SMLE charger clip makers and their marks (if known) none show a Bullpit & Sons mark IV. The one I have is stamped " IV B&S " .

If anyone would like a PDF list of SMLE clip makers and marks let me know.

Cheers Ian


Nice find Ian,
Although I am not a charger collector ‘per se’ but am able to identify MkI to MkV chargers I have noticed references lately to MkII* and MkIV* chargers, is this an offical designation or purely a collectors reference to manufacturing variants?


Welcome aboard Ian. Nice find.

@TonyL - see the attached pdf by Peter Mackinven

Enfield chargers.pdf (667.4 KB)


Hey Tony, nice to hear from you.

The Mk II* and Mk IV* modifications were not deemed sufficient enough to warrant their own Mk NO.\s and as such it’s difficult to know the dates when they were introduced into service. But they were official mods.

I have attached a PDF of my charger clip listing. The last page has details of the various marks of Chargers.

By the way, Peter Mackinven was one of the lists I used to compile mine. As in most things we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. I haven’t spoken to Peter in quite a while and I hope the world is treating him well.

Where are you located Tony ??

I am in rural NSW Australia.

Cheers IanComplete charger List.pdf (108.3 KB)


Very interesting - thanks for posting.

Here is another list of .303 clip makers from my files. Some different?
0.303 British, Enfield Charger List Updated BOCN.pdf (88.0 KB)

The * (asterix) I use was commonly used on Lee-Enfield rifles and their associated bayonets that had some form of modification from the original, something that needed to be taken into account but which wasn’t a big enough change to warrant a new Mk number being issued. You can see some early 1914-18 war SMLE’s with as many as three asterixs after their Mk number, these were often minor alterations done by unit armourers although some might be done during FTR"S (Factory Through Repairs) when rifles were refurbished or upgraded.

It seemed somewhat appropriate to use the asterix when the change between a MkII and a MKII* was the deletion of the 3rd sidewall lug, a thing I’ve never seen any evidence for the need of, despite my never having found any documentaion of it being officially used for chargers … you have to call 'em something if they’re different to something else.

Don’t believe any list of makers completely, not even mine although I refuse to ascribe a name to a mark without some form of authentication, in the hope that mine might be slightly more accurate.


Hi Pete,
I have also wondered about the ‘3rd sidwall lug’ and have always wondered if it was a ‘stop lug’ for the sliding charger guide on earlier Enfields and MkI SMLEs ?


Thank you Mayhem

Thank you SMLE,
I am in Southern England.