New sniper rifle ammo from republic of Georgia?

.338 GBM

.375 GBM

Unfortunately, their English-language website has no info on these cartridges, but there’s an indigenous rifle that is said to be available in both calibers (plus others):

Thanks for the info Max!
Is there an English button? I can’t find it somehow.
Will try later to get a site translator on it later on.

Is that .338 in fact a Lapua Mag. with a longer proj.?
And the .375 could be the necked up 9mm version?

Found the English version:

Also it seems the .338 GBM is using the .338 LM case.

I also think that these cartridges use the 338 Lapua case as it is or necked up to 9,5 mm (so a 9.5 x 70 also called 9,5 Tornado) loaded with VLD bullets. These bullets led to chamber modifications for sure, and twisting rifling too.

wiki and original Website here:

Translation of the georgian site states, that they are using Standard 338LM Case as Basic…

and something in russian language:

and from an other cyrillic page: … -satevari/


Max and everyone, very interesting, thanks for posting these links. Early in 2014, this company also introduced a cartridge designated .338 Delta, which looks like a .338-08. Regards, Fede.

Fede, what is a .338-08?

Alex, it is one of the names given to a wildcat cartridge using a .308 Winchester case necked up to .338.

Thanks Fede, interesting! I wonder now why they are so much into wildcats and niche calibers.
Did the rest of the world miss something?

And what may the abbreviations “GBM” and “GEO” (looks like the manufacturer) stand for???

the 338 delta would be similar to 338 federal but i see “subsonic”

A 300 grains bullet in a 308 case would be very heavy to reach high velocities. Also note that a 300 grains .338" bullet is quite long so the cartridge in the picture must have the bullet pushed very deeply into the case. This reduces the boiling room, so subsonic velocities seem right for that case/bullet combination.