New source of Navy ammo


Good news, everyone,
My daughter is joining US Navy ROTC to-morrow. To celebrate, I am taking orders for Mark 7 16-inch Navy fired shells (damn, they don’t exist!!!), one per customer, please.


Congratulations! A good decision with many benefits for everyone!

She probably already knows more about weapons systems than most of the Midshipmen will when they get commissioned.



Excellent news! Good for her. You should be proud. Now, if we can just get her assigned as WEAPONS OFFICER, well, lets just say, I’ll pay shipping for you and me both. :-)



She may try Navy EOD.


YES!!! Even better!!!


Vlad - Great! Congratulations to her and the proud parents. Try to get her to learn some Russian for you. If she ends up with a Navy career (a lot of things worse one could do with their life) and she knows even something of any foreign language, it will help her career, I think.

John Moss


Can someone please explains what it is US Navy ROTC ??



ROTC = reserve officers training corps

“The NROTC Program was established to educate and train qualified young men and women for service as commissioned officers in the Navy”



ROTC is a program offered in high schools and colleges. In addition to normal classes, one would also attend classes dedicated to learning the ways of the Navy, Air Force or Army. An option in lieu of the military academies whereby upon graduation from college, you are commissioned as an officer in the respective service. They help pay for tuition while you are in school, which is getting more and more expensive. A great program for those so inclined.


I certainly wish her well. The Navy is a great place to grow up. But I certainly hope she is smarter than risking a successful carreer to satisfy the childish fettishes of these old carp to have something they shouldn’t! (I want a MK 48 ADCAP please!)

Good luck and happy collecting all!