New Sterling brand 7.62x39 for 2020

New Sterling brand 7.62x39 made by Turaç in Turkey. Now with steel case and soft point.

I wonder why they are speaking of military and police when advertizing a SP bullet.
And as for the bad English I only can guess about the involvement of MKE. Them being involved makes me wonder about the steel cases.
Do photos exist?

I wonder how they can achieve a total weight of 16,2 g with a 152 gr = 9,85 g (unusually heavy) projectile …
The calculation with the other average component weights in my experience would be

9,85 g projectile + 6,5 g steel case + 1,6 g propellant = 17,95 g cartridge weight.

The use of the brand name “Sterling” undertitled “HIGH QUALITY AMMUNITION” makes me think of the Istanbul Silah manufactured “Winchester” shotguns. Very dubious quality made to sound high-quality.
Leftist in me will keep boycotting Turkish made stuff, only way that comes into my house is as part of 7.62x39 collection ;-)


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Doesn’t the photo show 125 grain for bullet weight?

Joe , I’m referring to the manufacturer link above where it says at the bottom

Ah-ha… right you are!! I suspect the writer of that text was a small bit dyslexic (grin).

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Is the headstamp of this ammunition known?