"New" stock pile of WW-1 Arty found

photoblog.nbcnews.com/_news/2012 … ition?lite

Some of the more than 200 pieces of World War I ammunition which emerged from a melting glacier on a Trentino mountain peak are seen, Aug. 31. Each piece weighs between 7-10 kilos, and the 85-100 mm caliber explosive devices were found at an altitude of 3,200 meters, …

Cool news, I wish I were there

Many of the glaciers in Alaska are advancing and it’s not unusual for them to cough up airplanes and bodies from 75 to 100 years ago. I never saw one that gave up artillery ammunition although the WW II airplanes were probably armed.

Great photo. Thanks Bob.


That is a large found but it is not an uncommon new.
Large quantities of ammo and other stuff can still be found ( and seen on the ground when the ice level is low) in that and other places. Rifle/pistol ammo, handgranades, artillery shells etc.

Every metal detector searcher must be very careful in those places, because a lot of stuff is still around and live. On the carso mountains an italian gas grenade ( I think about 75 mm) hit a small tree and then the tree grew up and the granade is still there, live and encompassed in the tree…

Any photos of that live grenade embedded into a tree? That is neat. There is a cannon ball stuck in a tree trunk from one of the American Civil War battles at Allentown,PA show (it just flew into a tree), but being stuck and growing with it is way cooler.