New stuff from SBR


SBR in Georgia gets more legitimate every day with their many offerings, especially in tracers. In the order that I received from them today was a new full-color multi-page brochure showing all their stuff. Their tracers are very reasonably priced I have found.

Here are a couple newer styles from them in subsonic 9mm tracers. Shown are the 147gr subsonic standard range (green tip) and extended range (red tip) tracers:

The tip colors have also become darker and more akin to ink rather than paint, for those familiar with their original green & red tip colors:

They have several grain weights & tracer range options in most calibers. I wish they would get on with their 22lr tracer production so I can get a couple of those boxes though…



Are the new rounds stamped “SBR”?

Also, Midway USA shows 4 new SBR 9mm rounds, all in 158 grains.
Two loads are tracers with the new style red and green tips respectfully, one is a FMJ and the other Looks like it is a plated style JHP. The last two loads are marketed as “SAS” (Special Application Subsonic). Only the green tip SRVT and FMJ loads sho available though.



The rds that I received are all on starline brass. I have noticed in the past that they sometimes use their own brass, and sometimes use starline, due to supply I guess.


Starline makes the SBR brass and when they can’t get the SBR headstamped stuff they use the Starline. Same brass.