New to collecting looking for advice

I’ve been reloading for 35 years but just started collecting, mostly 50bmg brass and ammo. I’m wanting an appraisal on some 30-06 Denver 4 (1944) red tracers ammo no box. I’d be willing to do some trading on it. I’m also looking for as many different 50 bmg headstamps and dates as possible.


All buy / sell / trade type of offers would need to go into the buy/sell/trade folder in the forum, which requires being a paid IAA member to access. Other than that, there are several cartridge collector shows around the country which are listed in the “events” section of the homepage, or there are several cartridge groups on Facebook. Then there is always or the forum post here which shows several places online dealing in collector ammo - Places to purchase collectible ammo

You have you work cut out for you collecting .50 BMG headstamps! Always happy to welcome a new collector

If you have not already, check out the “Guide to Ammunition Collecting” which should help get you started.

One of the other recent posts mentioned the reference book on .50 BMGs by Ron Fuchs:


Join the IAA for sure. There is an incredible, mind boggling amount of 50bmg stuff out there.