New (to Me) Commercial WIn 9x19

Recently Ive come across a box of WINCHESTER MFG 9mm x 19mm ammunition that was new to me including the Headstamp. Box is made to looks like military (Tan cardboard with Black printing) sort of and has Service grade as part of printed label. The rounds are Brass case 115 grain FMJ Flat Point sort of like the New Military ammunition made for use with the M17/M18 pistols. The Headstamp is W M A 1 9. I did a bit if searching and this line is also available in 45acp and 30 special. Also in Rifle loads like 223/5,56, 308 maybe others. While searching also found out about the latest Win entry USA Ready (Red Box white lettering) in 9x19, 45 acp, 38 special, (All FMJ Flat Point) and a number of rifle loads from 223-308 all with Hollow Points. I’ve not seen this locally yet but several online sources list it already (This was announced at The Shot show apparently.) Its Winchesters entry for practice and match with better quality and yet lower cost…FYI MSRP for 60 9x19 is $9.99. WIN still has the white box, Forged (Steel Case), line and now this. Not standing still on offering new stuff!