New-to me-IMI 9x19mm Headstamp


The latest AFTE Journal had a photo of an IMI headstamp I have never seen. Has anyone run across this headstamp, or even a fired case?




Since it looks so crappy might it be a copy by someone else?


A new one on me. I think most headstamps look this crude when photographed from the type of high, high resolution equipment they use in big crime labs. It shows every tiny imperfection in the brass case. I know I often have to decide, when I am improving a photo, whether I like using the high definition process (not talking about ppi here or not. Sometimes while it sharpens everything, the picture is not any more readable and doesn’t look as nice.


This round was fired by an Israeli crime lab in a rusted up, homemade machine pistol. The bolt face was so rusty that the firing left an image of the headstamp on the bolt face! I’m sure the rusty bolt face is the reason for the roughed appearance of the image.

My bet is the lab used the ammo they had laying around for test and it had this headstamp. Perhaps even standard army issue since I have not seen any Israeli 9x19mm with this late date.



I just asked a retired senior Israeli cop about it…news as/if it arrives.


I was just informed that this style might have started as early as 2000, and that it can also be found on 5.56 ammo. I’ll let you know if I get anything more tangible.