New (to me) Remington 9mm Luger box

Recently I found a post WW2 Remington 9mm Luger box that I had not encountered before. It is similar to the green boxes with the generic top label with a Green R and “Remington” in a red box, but no caliber indicated on the top label. These boxes are roughly 5" (13mm) long and 2 5/8" (7mm) wide and date, I believe, from around 1970 or earlier, but perhaps from around 1980.

This new (to me) box is similar with a generic top label with the white R and “Remington” in the red square, but it also has “DUPONT” and “KLEANBORE” on the top. Most noticeable it is 4" long and 2" wide, the same as the earlier Kleanbore boxes. The date code is “W” indicating loading in the first half of 1961 or 1972. If it is 1972 then the larger generic green boxes in 9mm must date from the 1980s or so which seems a bit late.

If this box is from the first half of 1961 it must have been one of the very first since I have a late type “KLEANBORE 9M/M LUGER” box which is clearly from he first half of 1961.

If anyone else has the small green generic box in 9mm like the one pictured below, I’d appreciate knowing the full load date code (the one pictured is “W18M”).

I’d also be interested in the date codes on any KLEANBORE 9M/M LUGER" marked boxes or large green generic boxes (5" by 2 5/8") that begin with Y, Z or A through N. In the large green generic boxes, the load code isn’t on an end flap, but is usually printed in red on one of the end tabs.

Any help appreciated!



No “Child Warning” should place it early sixties or before?


Dave, Excellent point. The “Child Warning” shows up on the generic green labels so I think you have nailed it!!!

No wonder I haven’t seen this small green generic box before. It must have been in use for only about a year or so.


PS: I would still like to know the date codes on the large green generic 9mm boxes like that shown below as well as the small green generic box in my original post.

The leading W in the lot number puts it in the first half of 1961. Lack of a box manufacturer’s mark, printer’s date wheel, and no L lot number prefix, strongly suggest a Bridgeport product rather than Lonoke.