New to me shotshell

Hello all,

I was given an all aluminum case, roll crimp shot shell that is new to me.
OAL: 2 1/4
HS: 12 o’clock - powder horn with the strap in a loop
3 & 9 o’clock - 12
6 o’clock - Made in Holland
TW: 12 o’clock - SUPER
3 & 9 o’clock - powder horn with the strap in a loop
6 o’clock - D D
Number 8 in a circle in the center. TW is light green with black print. any info would be appreciated.


A mate has one of these in his collection.

They were common here (Australia) in the 1980s he said but not now. Apparently they had more recoil than a paper or plastic round as you had to blow the aluminium crimp out.

I’ve never seen one apart from the one in my mates collection.

Thanks Guin. I hope someone can tell me who made them and production time frame.

These are made at N.V. Nederlandse Wapen- en Munitiefabriek “de kruithoorn”
It was located in Den Bosch in the Netherlands.
This factory existed from 1948 - 1998.
Your case was produced in the early 50’s
And can be found in 12, 16 and 20 ga.
Below are some pictures of them, and others made in the same factory.

Regards Rene

Thank you Rene. That’s the info I was looking for.

Just another box of these all metal shells.
Regards René

I’ve got a complete box of the same cartridges in Australia. The edges of the box are a little worn, but the shells and sides and top/bottom are in great order. Any idea what value they would be?

I value the box at $30 if good condition. Full boxes are getting hard to find.
The 12ga shells are common in most collections .