New Tokarev H/S


Got lucky today at a gunshow. I found a Tokarev box with a label a bit different than others I have, so I got it. It had a new headstamp I had heard about, but hadn’t seen yet. The previous earliest known “nny” was 1963.


This is Cyrillic variant of PPU.


Yes, and this is the earliest documented nny/PPU on a 7.62 Tokarev.


Nice find, and interesting. There could be a 1956 date as well, I suppose. I don’t save dates, but among my Tokarev rounds from Prvi Partizan the use of the “11” code stops in 1955. My earliest round in my collection actually has a PPU headstamp, in Wester Alphabet, but I forget the date off hand - early 1960s as I recall. I have an earlier one from Pobeda - headstamp PG but in the Cyrillic Alphabet. I have typed it here in the Western Alphabet.


As far as I have documented:
11 * xx * go from 1950-56
14 * xx * go from 1954-56
nr (PG) go from 1956-75
nny (PPU) go from 1957-at least 2001
PPU is known in 1964 and 1967.


Jon - Thanks for that info. I have nothing in my own collection that contradicts your