New Tula 9mm box

I see there’s a new Tula 9mm box offered at AIMsurplus: Is this very new?

Looks like Graf & Sons has it too, but a little more expensive:

From 2020 year


Any idea what the headstamp is on the brass case Tul Amm,o box you show.

In the past their brass case ammo was Serbia as I recall.

The Wolf Gold was made in Bosnia but I just ran across the following note in Wikipedia
“now manufactured in Taiwan. Comes in a black box.”.

This may be it, but it is shown as discontinued on Midway

Has anyone seen this new Wolf Gold shown above???


Hi Lew, this Wolf Gold was made by PPU in Serbia. Headstamp is PPU 9 mm LUGER. Introduced in 2006.

New TulAmmo boxes has the headstamp with TulAmmo’s logo followed by Tulammo 9mm LUGER. Spacing is different from Fiocchi and Pobjeda variants of this same headstamp, so maybe there is a third source.

A different box:



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The Wolf Gold boxes with PPU rounds that I have seen look like this:

I have not encountered this black Wolf Gold box before.

The undated wikipedia statement that Taiwan made Wolf Gold sent me looking for a black Wolf Gold box and I found one on Midway. I have no idea what was in it. Are you confirming that this box holds PPU cartridges? If so, I wonder what Wikipedia was talking about?

Thanks for your help. Could you post imagesof the Fiocchi and Pobjeda headstamps so I can tell the difference? Thanks!


Photo from the network. A similar box, but a different caliber.

Lew, they are the same box, only side panels are black. Same for the 7.62x25 box.

Taiwan (205th Arsenal) made Wolf Gold .223 Remington and Wolf “white Box” 5.56x45.

Here is a picture -your picture!- of TulAmmo Fiocchi and Pobjeda headstamps, respectively:




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This is not the front, but the side of the box.

Thanks Guys!


And 40SW


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