New type of ammo

Just a word on the ammunition future…
Presently some lab’s are finishing there works on electric discharged case-less ammo.
I know it as been done before But it is now working…ready for large scale production.

With caseless, I am afraid the problem is in the gun design, not the ammunition design.

Yes a full auto rifle need good engineering but as thing gets really hot as in full auto How not to get the caseless ammo exploding before it get load?

Gatan, do you know the names of these labs?

I know where is one…

Well, the final version of the HK G11 and its 4,73x33mm cartridge worked too, it just died out due to the whole “Sovjet era ending along with the Berlin wall falling”-deal that took place…

So if you know anything, tell us, rather than just tease?

Is this some sort of riddle? It seems too secret to be interesting.

My intention was just to inform the peoples interested in ammo collecting that they might see a new type of ammo in a near future.
Lot of ammo design never make it to the real word.

I should of said that the ammo do not existed at all, the gun use ‘‘electronic’’ ignition and gas.

I will see if I can say more

After a fashion…see: … Schatz.pdf

For what I know…
The new gun use a seal gas chamber, use an injection to fill the chamber with fume, the trigger action make it explode and give the necessary pressure to get the bullet out.
Does it work well ??
I do not know but some are moving forward…

Sounds like a variation of the liquid propellant system which has been tried extensively over many decades; it involves two liquids (which are inert separately) injected into the chamber together then ignited or self-ignited. It has never been adopted due to insurmountable technical obstacles. I can’t see a gas-powered one faring any better - but I’m willing to be proved wrong!