New ukrainian 5,45x39 box


Box made on Lugansk cartridge works (LCW).



any details about the headstamp? Thank you,



Sorry, Hans, but no deteils about headstamps. This foto from exgibition, but the cartridges was not there. I can only assume that it has the logo of LPZ - ЛПЗ. When I know exactly jast write here.


If they have not chaged their mind then the hs should be the usual one: "ЛПЗ 5,45x39"


Thank you inertammo, I hold thumbs.

EOD, that is what we can expect coming from this commercial style box, but I’m always happy about surprises.



[quote=“EOD”]… "ЛПЗ 5,45x39"
But let’s not forget that it’s blank cartridge. Russians on TCW stamped additionally “BLANK”.


Yes, but Barnaul did not for example.