New ukrainian 7,62x39 box (Lugansk factory)


Here you can see the new ukrainian box from Lugansk. Not very high quality printing, but compared to earlier versions of the package is a technological breakthrough:)


Why do they show a 5.45x39mm cartridge on the box? Are they also making this caliber for export? Trying to save on printing costs by using a common box for both calibers?



I think, this is ingenious Ukrainian promo: people read 7,62x39 on the box, but see picture with 5,45x39, and forced to buy this box to check what cartridges are really inside.

But seriously - this is only a scampwork of Lugansk designers, because there are even some grammatical mistakes in Ukrainian inscription.

It is a pity to see such box made by cartridge plant founded in 1895, and which was one of the biggest cartridge enterprises in USSR.


A series of questions:

  1. LCW=Lugansk Cartridge Works. Is it a well recognized acronym? They seem to print it in huge letters implying some recognition in the English speaking world (or better put Latin letter using world). Woudn’t “Lugansk” be a better recognized that “LCW”?
  2. Is this ammo for US import, because I don’t see any around? I am about to go through a series of gun shows and I’ll keep an eye for it.
  3. It says that there is an expiration period of 3 years (usually from the date of manufacture). I don’t remember any boxes from any ammo manufacturer with expiration dates. Is this something new?


Vlad, it says 3 years warranty, so it is not neccessarily an expiration date.

Those english markings do also not neccessarily mean that these are for the US market since such markings are often applied for “just in case”.

LCW is just the English factory name (in the Russian speaking world they use the abbreviation “LPZ” in Cyrillic as on the hs shown). Writing only “Lugansk” will only have a meaning to some very few collectors. Besides us noone would recognize “Lugansk”.
Imagine DWM would have written only “Berlin” or “Karlsruhe” on their boxes.