New ukrainian cartridges from "Fort" (9x19, 9x18 etc.)

The box for the new Ukrainian ammunition 9x19 manufactured by Fort (Vinnitsa).
Bullet types are represented on the label of one of the parties.

Brass cases, boxer primer. Cartridges probably made ​​in the Czech Republic and assembled in Ukraine(not 100% information, сlarify). ТФ or ФТ monogramm in the triangle I think means ФорТ(ForT, Ф is kirillic F).

.45 Rubber.
For non-lethal shooting.

The plastic cartridge holder with fingers looks identical to those used by S&B (Czech). Could be a copy, or could be from S&B.


The “FORT” 9 x 18 mm cartridge is yet another interesting headstamp that uses mixed alphabets, the name “FORT” being in the Cyrillic, and the name, in the caliber marking, of Makarov being in the Western Alphabet. The 9mm Parabellum headstamp with its symbol identifying “FORT” rather than the name, exactly duplicates the headstamp drawn on some pre-production published material I have in my library on that 9 mm Para cartridge. Again, interesting that they would do two such completely different headstamps for different calibers.

Great stuff “Inertammo.” Thanks for sharing this with us. The box photos are great!

John, may these two different hs styles of “FORT” indicate different production times or even manufacturers as we assume them so far not to be made in Ukraine?

I guess time and further research will tell us the real manufacturer.

An excerpt from their website at:
"At the moment CONGO “Fort” Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is engaged in the manufacture of small arms and ammunition, in addition, a significant portion of output is traumatic weapons for the civilian market."
Now whether they call manufacturing using others components and putting them together is beyond me. I have sent them a few emails but have not received any response yet.

My question is why are ther two headstamps…Phi sign and OPT and others are as above but with a -T after the OPT.

Cartridgecorner thank you for the link.

Interesting to see they are also offering a 5.56x45 DM11 (German designation).

There is a lot on info on these and similar cartridges at the link below…you will need to use a translator tool for it though. Found a reference on this site that said “early Fort cartridge cases were manufactured in Germany according to the companies representative”.
Does not state who…Umarex? … ny/page/1/

No translation needed as Russian suits me.

Umarex did a lot of business with Russia and Ukraine. Not only ammo but also the “gas weapons”.
Had once a box from Umarex with Russian language on it but do not know what happened to it.

Here a box from FORT for 9mm PA cartidges. The markings say: “Cartridge 9mm PA with elastic projectile”

I think the second “T” stands for “TRAUMA”. Maybe our Ukrainian friends can comfirm.

May also have some of the cartridges but do not know right now. Will check later.

T for trauma makes sense as all I have seen have been on rubber bullet cartridges. Thanks for the assistance

Sorry for the quality of photos.
Were made ​​at an exhibition in September 2010. All cartridges were behind glass and take a picture of their quality was not possible.

Do the fired cases shown first look a little on the ‘hot’ side? I know a lot of variables are involved when you see cratering or flow of the primer back into the firing pin hole, Years ago I ran some Czec 9x19 (star on H.S.) through a Browning Hi Power - the pressure was enough to push the primer indentation back against the breechface. The fired cases looked like the primer had not been struck. Tom

Does anyone know if FORT is making 7.62x39 or just pistol loads?

In present time - only pistol cartridges

According to their website only 9x18 Mak, 9x19 and 5.56x45.

Fort made bullets fired from Fort pistol (left,6 rifling) and from PM(right, 4 rifling). Brass jacket.
Intresting symbol of the cross made ​​by the punch.

I blundered into 5 Fort 9mm cases at the range. Sure looks like S&B-made to me. Are they too rare to pop out a primer and compare it with S&B primers?

I think that for you is not very rare case. Because you have 9x19 ammo in public circulation. We have no such opportunity. Only 9x18 cartridges from the police. Ukrainian 9x19 ammo before you get to than the ukrainian collectors.

Represent yet another novelty from FORT - cartridges 9x17.