New US Autopistol ammo boxes

There are new manufacturers of pistol ammo showing up each time I go to the internet. Below are some boxes of the new companies I have found recently.

ESTATE: Only seen on 40 S&W ammo headstamped “FEDERAL 40 S&W”. Anoka, MN

EBR: This is Engel Ballistic Research, They sell speciality ammunition exclusively, or almost exclusively to US military and police. Been in business over 10 years. They have produced their own headstamp (EBR) on 7.62 NATO ammunition, though I have not seen any of that. Are close to going into production on their 6.5mm EBR rifle cartridge - a sniper cartridge I believe, but today the round only exists in prototype. They currently make 9mmP in both 147gr JHP subsonic (FC hst) and 90gr frangible (WIN hst).

GAS: Greenville Ammo Supply LLC in Taylors SC. Loose pack 45ACP is all I have seen (using WINCHESTER 45 AUTO" cases

PNW Arms: Offer pistol and some rifle calibers. Established in 2008, No address on the box but the website indicates they are in Potlatch ID.

HPR: HPR is for “HIGH PRECISION RANGE”. They also show a box of EMCON 9mmP ammunition on their website. The HPOR box has the addreess as Thorium Enterprises LLC, Advanced Tactical Armament Concepts LLC, Payson, Arizona. The website says they will soon sell through outlets in the US. These cartridges are headstamped HPR. Looks like a Starline headstamp to me.



I understand Federal bought Estate a couple of years ago. I thought they only made shotshells under the Estate label. Estate (before Federal) was always a presence at clay target events with a wide variety of affordable and specialty, custom labeled loads. This is the first metallic cartridge I have seen under the Estate label.

Interesting! The “Anoka MN” didn’t register. The color blocks and other markings on the end tabs match those on some of my Federal boxes. I think you caught the gold ring! Maybe a low cost Federal line!

Too bad they didn’t use the ESTATE headstamp. I like new headstamps and an “ESTATE 40S&W” would have gone well with the McNETT 10MM" I picked up recently!


I didn’t know until now about Estate as a metallic cartridge brand, but why not?. The last time I was at the Federal plant, about 2003 or 2004, I saw Estate-branded shotshells coming off the shotshell loading line. So Federal was making them by that time, if not even earlier.

My time line line on the Federal purchase of Estate is probably fuzzy… At bigger clay target shoots 20 years ago, especially sporting clays events they were always there with a wide variety of loads for all gauges. 2", 2 1/2", 2 3/4" with loads as light as 3/4 oz for 12 bore. Now RST
has replaced their niche market at major events. Cabela’s sells the Estate line as well as the Federal Top Gun target shell line. I have tried reloading both of these cases and they appear to be the same except for the labeling. I believe you are correct with the assumption that it is a low cost or promotional line of ammunition. Perhaps the estate label will be a marketing label for metallic production (pistol and rifle) overruns. More head stamps for the the collection…

Here is another new (to me) loader.

The headstamp is FC 9 MM LUGER.

Address is; High Point Manufacturing, Kimball, NE and the website is

Thirty+ years ago there was an “American Bullet” on Emory Road here in Atlanta, GA but they only made bullets as far as I know.


Just picked up the Federal “ESTATE” box in 9mm. except for size it looks identical to the 40S&W box illustrated above.


Just recovered an Estate-brand 45 Auto box. Despite the address “Anoka, MN” the box is Speer-size, with Speer tray, Speer lot number D10T23 (10 April 2012), and contained Speer-made (dot) FEDERAL (dot) -headstamped cases with small not-nickel-plated CCI primers. At least this box of 45 Auto came off a Speer production line.

ATK owns Speer and Federal so I am not terribly surprised at the connection.

addendum; ATK recently closed 2 of it’s facilities, Eagle Industries in Fenton, MO and the Outers plant in Onalaska, Wisc.

Great info!

The 40S&W box code is P48N531 on the back of the box and has nickel plated primers without any marks. It has a Federal box insert. The Headstamp is “FEDERAL 40S&W”.

The 9mm box does not have any box code. The insert is typically Speer. The headstamp is the .FC. so the cases are Speer made. The primer is nickel.

Looks like both Federal and Speer are loading ESTATE ammo.