New UTM items

UTM (Ultimate Training Munitions) was formed in 2000 and I understand that they use to have their training ammunition made by PMP in South Africa. I am told that their ammunition is now made in England and soon there will also be US production. They make four types of loads, silent blank, battle field blank. man marker round and a target round. They are made in both 5.56mm and 9mmP.

Pictured below are some of their items

Left to right are the:
Man marker in red ('05 production)
Silent blank ('08 production)
Battlefield blank ('07 production)
Silent blank ('07 production)

Information on the actual location of the factory in England would be appreciated. I have heard that the company is actually owned in Belgium.

I have seen a photo of some cartridges that I believe to be UTM prototypes. Has anyone else seen these items. I’m interested in obtaining a set if they are available.

Can anyone confirm these are UTM products? They sure look like it to me.

The silent blank round(s) makes me curious. What use is it?


These blanks are designed to cycle a weapon and I understand the silent blank is for close quarters training. It is claimed that it can be fired from inches away with no chance of injury. I was told that you can actually put your finger over the end of the barrel and fire the blank without a problem. Below is the cutaways of both the old Silent and old Battlefield blanks and of the new Battlefield blank. The old rounds has a piston inside the case that allowed the head to push back and actuate the pistol. The new blanks appear to push the plastic mock bullet forward to activate the action. Remember, these all use a special barrel and can’t be used in an unmodified pistol. There is no powder, just the single primer in the Silent blank and the two primers in the Battlefield blank.


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The info I have on this firm is - UTM Ltd., 45 Hampstead Avenue, Mildenhall, Suffolk IP28 7AS, England, telephone 163 871 1003, fax 163 871 0627, e-mail www.


Lew, you may like to see these images taken in 2006 at the EUROSATORY:

Here the UTM product info as on the same event:



On your second picture, the round in the middle with translucent plastic mock bt colored pink is not UTM, but an american made dummy, unprimed. I grabbed it in last Eurosatory, they had a full “bowl” of them on the Winchester Olin stand, but without any matching document!!!


Philippe, Thanks!!! With the Aluminum case it looked like it might be a UTM marking cartridge. the shape is close to that of the UTM 2006 vintage blanks!!! I will have to see if anyone has seen these in the US!!!

EOD, Thanks for the great info. Now I know that the two blanks that were strange to me were 2006 timeframe production!!!

George, Thanks for the address!!!

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Well Gyrojet, some more I haven’t seen. Any idea of the date on the green and blue plastic tip rounds??? I have never seen these before! Thanks…


Hi Lew
No headstamp on these 2 cartridge’s


Lew, if you look at ECRA Bulletin 504-28 you’ll find a brief article of mine about the UTM training cartridges. It includes photos of my collection of sectioned examples: 9mm LERR, 9mm MMR, .40 S&W MMR, 5.7x28 MMR, 5.56x45 SBR, 5.56x45 MMR, 7.62x51 MMR. Some of these were experimental and might not have made it into production, I’m not sure.

Incidentally, there is an error in the article which I corrected in a later edition: the rounds are not reloadable.

I found this one today
Never seen this case colour before!
who has more info about this cartridge please !!!


headstamp SNC 9mm

Gyrojet, your round is a Canadian (SNC) CQT (Close Quarters Training) round, based on their Simunition paint marking round. As a fired-round, the white plastic collar would normally be extended forward, as that’s the mechanism by which these rounds operate the conversion units fitted to the weapons.

ps…this was a UTM thread…but since Gyro tossed in an SNC round…here’s a smattering (nothing real new as yet)

but they do have a new 5.56 offering they are working with