New Website-British Small Arms Ammunition

Good people

I have finally decided to bite the bullet (sorry!) and construct a website covering British small arms ammunition. There is a lot of info out there on the internet, but it is scattered, often inaccurate and sometimes completely wrong. It is my intention to try and build an accurate site with as much info as possible in one place.

It is a big undertaking and will take a long time to complete. I have just made a start with a few calibres and am currently just beginning to put the .303 inch pages together (Don’t hold your breath!). There are also headstamp details, L numbers etc which I think might be useful. There is still a lot more in the way of pictures and drawings to add even to those rounds I have already covered.

The address is

Have a look and hopefuly it will grow over the coming weeks and months.


Tony, really a great site as far as I can see. Great idea and great job on doing this!!!
Thanks a lot for your effort!


Very nice! I look forward to having your site available as a definitive reference on the subject. I can only imagine the time and effort required to make such a well presented website. Bless you for your work!


Great work! I am sure it will be a tremendous reference for collectors and historians for many years.

I wonder if sites like this could be absorbed under the IAA site at some point. Not just any old cartridge site, but a select few, by acknowledged experts in the specialty, which contain valuable information of permanent usefulness. Not as official “IAA material” but as “important reference material from respected experts” with the authors deserving full credit for the content (or blame for errors).

Although current expenses hosting sites are modest, they do present a cost to the authors, whose donated time is worth much more. And, inevitably authors will die off, and in a relatively short period a valuable site can disappear in a few months or year when the hosting bills are not paid or a domain name is not renewed. Having the material on the IAA site would protect it against an unfortunate loss like that.

Although there may be some security concerns allowing multiple persons to have access to the IAA site to post material, at least we could do a periodic sweep of material from an author hosted site into a hidden IAA section as a backup against future loss.

Any such IAA hosting would, of course, require approval of the author, and the IAA leadership, with great deference to the IAA webmaster’s thoughts on how to best accomplish something like this, or to do it at all.

I would think maybe a dozen sites would meet the high level of esteem needed to qualify. Tony Williams’ material comes to mind, and I am sure there are others, but it should be a very high standard, not just anyone with a page expecting or demanding that IAA pick it up.

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Tony, congratulations!!! Thanks a lot for sharing this information with us.

Tony, congratulations ! Great site ! Great info !

Thank you Tony for the nice webpage. Is it possible to ask question on the pages?

Hey Tony,

I’ve always been a fan of your printed material. As a matter of fact there are a couple of your books on my desk right now.

This will be a great addition to the information out there and I really appreciate it! Thank you very much!

Dave Kuchta

Congrats! It already looks like something I’ll be coming back to.

Do you have any more info on those super early .256" cartridges? Those are fascinating; I’d never heard of those before.

Yes, I have quite a few case drawings and other details. I just have not had time to scan them and get them onto the site.

My intention is to put up the basics for each calibre and then go back and fill in the details but it all takes time!


Excellent! Looking forward to it.

Mr Edwards,

Thank you for making the effort to provide this British Small Arms information in the public realm. I have reviewed your new website to find information about the .55 Boys I never knew before.

You have a real service to community. I also own one of your publications and find it most useful as well.



[quote=“Tau”]Congrats! It already looks like something I’ll be coming back to.

Do you have any more info on those super early .256" cartridges? Those are fascinating; I’d never heard of those before.[/quote]

I have just added a couple of Royal Laboratory case drawings for .256 inch rounds which you might find of interest.