New Website for SLICS is live

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Aaron, just out of curiosity, how many attendees does SLICS usually have?
Or lets say in the past 3 years.

They stopped keeping track of walk-ins. But I’ll let you know next year!

As a table-holder it seemed like there were 200-300 walk-ins over the course of the show in addition to the 100-200 table-holders and their family.

just tried the link 3X & just get this message window.

Working for me in Chrome on Win 10.

@PetedeCoux Do you use Windows XP?

On an i MAC & firefox

Just there, via Firefox.

@PetedeCoux is it really really old?

You’re error just means your computer does not support the modern SSL cyphers.

I may check and see if it can have it support the older less secure ones.

Worked for me. Booked via iPhone. Counting the days.

Aaron. Let’s chat


Looks to be about 10 years old, but runs like a champ.

Nice! Schedule page with two columns is pretty confusing, though.

Yeah it was even more confusing with three columns!